From the 1924 Film Daily Year Book:

Motion Picture Theatre in US seating capacity (1 show): 15,000

Average weekly attendance at picture theatre: 7,605,000

Admissions paid annually: 520,000,000

Average number of reels used for 1 performance: 8

Average number of seats in picture theatre: 507

Number of persons employed in picture theatre: 105,000

Persons employed in picture production: 50,000

Permanent employees in all branches of Motion Picture industry: 300,000

Investment in Motion Picture industry: $1,250,000

Approximate cost of pictures produced annually: $200,000,000

Salaries & wages paid annually at studios in production: $75,000,000

Cost of costumes, scenery, and other materials and supplies used in productions annually: $50,000,000

Average number of feature films produced annually: 700

Average number of short reel subjects (excluding news reels) annually: 1,500

Taxable Motion Picture property in US: $720,000,000

Percentage of pictures made in California: 84%

Percentage of pictures made in New York: 12%

Percentage of pictures made elsewhere: 4%

Foreign made pictures sent here for sale: 425

Foreign made pictures sold and released for exhibition: 6

Theatre running 6-7 days per week: 9,000

Theatre running 4-5 days per week: 1,500

Theatre running 1-3 days per week: 4,500

Lineal feet of film exported in 1921: 140,000,000

Lineal feet of film exported in 1913: 32,000,000

Percentage of American films used in foreign countries: 90

Film footage used each week by news reels: 1,400,000

Combined circulation of news reels weekly: 40,000,000

Number of theatre using news reels weekly: 11,000

Amount spent annually by producers and exhibitors in newspaper and magazine advertising: $5,000,000

Hospitals and charitable institutions in US equipped to show pictures (as of 1/1/23): 7,000

Number of schools and churches in US equipped to show pictures (as of 1/1/23) almost equals the number of theatre.

- appeared in 1924 Film Daily Year book. Source: That Marvel- the Movies by Edward S. Van Zile, 1922, G.P. Putnam's Sons.

Many thanks to Mike Blake!

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