Mon, 8 Feb 1999
The reconstruction of "Greed" will follow the color tinting scheme indicated by Von Stroheim in the March 1923 shooting script. That script also called for the use of the Handschiegl Process to achieve an effect similar to the earlier hand or stencil-color processes. Von Stroheim was one of the first important directors to use 2-color Technicolor and also incorporated complex tinting, toning and coloring systems when possible. Except for the "Wedding March" technicolor sequence, original color Stroheim material is not included in current show prints, though both "Greed" and "The Merry Widow" did originally include Handschiegl process sequences on release. The relevant sequences in "Greed" will be reconstructed using newly discovered Handschiegl process test frames which show the golden color applied to objects like gold nuggets and Mac's giant golden tooth. 5 February 1999 LA WEEKLY carried an article about the restoration project and you can read it on line at

Sat, 3 Apr 1999
Quick note that there's news about the reconstruction of GREED. ... Work continues on reconstruction of "Greed" according to Von Stroheim's script of March '23. The team has a first rough assembly laid out and has discovered that the '25 release uses shots from a variety of different scenes to try and compensate for the gaps in the story. The team is reorganizing the footage according to Von Stroheim's script of March 1923, which apparently is helping to the dramatic flow and eliminate some of the awkward mismatched shots. "The Hollywood Reporter" carried a story about the reconstruction, and the "Los Angeles Times" has a story of the film focussing on the film's early Handshiegl images that have been found. ... visit for link to LA TIMES and recap of the work ~Mike

Wed, 8 Sep 1999
Running time is 239 minutes. Director Rick Schmidlin is with the film at the Venice Film Festival where it will be shown today. Todd McCarthy reviewed the GREED restoration for "Variety" on the 7th. Click to the site and read more:

Mon, 1 Nov 1999
Mr. Showbiz on the Go network reviews GREED (99) and calls it the "Best Film of the Year." "Mac" left a message in the guest book about the review. (Thanks "Mac") You can read it at this URL (copy and paste into your browser window) Mike Mills

Thu, 2 Dec 1999
THREE days left before the airing of GREED... Do you have enough video tape? After the show, please post your comments to the guest book on my site, so we all can share your first hand impressions. Mike

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