Michael Curtiz
Although largely devoted to his talkies, it's still an interesting study of the director who would go on to direct Casablanca.

Cecil B. DeMille
An article on DeMille's life and career, coinciding with Kino's release of its videos "Cecil B. DeMille: The Visionary Years, 1915-1927."

Deep Focus
Excellent profiles of directors including von Stroheim, Ford, Lang, as well as actors and actresses.

Eisenstein and Cartoon Sound
An essay on Eisenstein's use of sound in relation to cartoons. Unusual topic but very interesting!

Eisenstein Cine-Club Japan
An organization based in Japan devoted to the study and appreciation of international cinema in general and the work of Sergei
Eisenstein in particular. The page is in English.

The World's Only Abel Gance Page
The French director/actor of the classicNapoleon , well-illustrated with scenes from the film.

D.W. Griffith
David B. Pearson has created another wonderful site, this one complete with clips from some of The Master's greatest works.

D. W. Griffit
A surprisingly extensive biography/filmogrphy on Griffith from TVGuide.

The MacGuffin' Web Page
Scholarly papers and studies on the techniques of Alfred Hitchcock.

Alred Hitchcock
Devoted to the Master of Suspense. In French.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense
Another page of study of Hitchcock's techniques, including an FAQ.

The Hitchcock Page
Still more Hitchcockiana, including a listing of where and when Hitch makes his famous "cameos" in his films.

James Wong Howe
A beautifully done page on the famed cinematographer who got his start in silents, complete with photos. Part of Movie Maker magazine online.

Fritz Lang
A wonderful, indepth article on Fritz Lang's his life and career from the Washington Post.

Fritz Lang
A biography of Lang and an overview of his career.

Ernst Lubitsch
A detailed article on the famed director, including synopses of his films.

On the Trail of Oscar Micheaux
This loving tribute to Micheaux includes photos, a biography, and a study on the style of the pioneering African-American rural filmmaker.

The Oscar Micheaux Society
Another great site dedicated to the early African-American filmmaker.

F.W. Murnau
At last, a fitting tribute to the genius behind Nosferatu, Sunrise, and other classics of the silent era. John has put together a well-researched site with a nice assortment of beautiful stills.

R.S. Prakash
An article on the Indian silent film director. Their statement, however, that Prakash assisted DeMille on Ben-Hur is incorrect; they must have meant The Ten Commandments.

Leni Riefenstahl ou Les Diex des Stades
Well-illustrated site on her ground-breaking Olympia.. In French..

Hal Roach
Part of a site on Laurel and Hardy, this page discusses their genius director and his prolific output during the silent and talkie eras.

Reel Women
Ally Acker's thorough study of pioneer women filmmakers, produced by the Reel Women Foundation, whose mission is to bring recognition to the cinematic contribution of women behind the scenes (directing, writing, editing etc.)

The newsletter devoted to the still-unsolved murder of director William Desmond Taylor. Now searchable.

Maurice Tourneur
A brief biography of the director.

The Josef von Sternberg Home Page
A detailed analysis of the director's style maturation complete with an extensive bibliography.

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