Silent Era Facts

First time people paid to see a movie at Koster & Bial's Music Hall in New York City: April 20, 1896 (Shakespeare's birthday) First Pittsburgh Nickelodeon showing of The Great Train Robbery: June 19, 1905 First film company arrives in Los Angeles: 1907 Chicago is the first city to censor movies: November 4, 1907 Number of Theatres in 1910: Approx. 13,000 Average length of a movie in 1910: 3 reels, approx. 30 minutes (read the addendum to this) Average cost of a ticket in 1910: $0.07 Mary Pickford's salary in 1910: $175 per week Average feature film budget in 1913: $13,000 First serial: The Adventures of Kathlyn, 1913 Charlie Chaplin's debut as "The Tramp": Kid Auto Races at Venice, 1914 First movie sex symbol: Theda Bara, 1915 Buster Keaton's first film: The Butcher Boy, 1916 Number of studio employees in Hollywood: 1920: 20,000; 1926: 300,000 First Motion Picture Theatre in the United States: Vitascope Hall, New Orleans, LA, July 26, 1896 (location is now a Burger King) (courtesy David B. Pearson)

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