International Silents

Argentine Silent Cinema
A (very) brief history of Argentinian filmmaking in the silent era.

Chinese Silent Cinema of the 1930s
Since sound did not arrive until the late '30s, China was still producing silent films throughout the decade.

The German-Hollywood Connection
Information on early German cinema as well as the Ufa Studios.

German Expressionist Film
An interesting site. Simplistic, but hey -- you get to quiz yourself!

German Missions in the United States
An interesting survey of German films and filmmaking in Germany.

Cinema of Malayalam
And yet another history of cinema in India, this one more comprehensive.

The Indian Film Industry
A article on the history of silent movies in India from Culturepedia.

A History of Early Cinema in Kyoto, Japan
Early Japanese film history from the first issue (Autumn, l996) of CMN, a new journal devoted to the history of Japanese cinema. The article is in English and with illustrations.

Matsuda Film Productions
Established in 1952, Matsuda is dedicated to the restoration and archival of Japanese silent films. A complete look at the silent era as well as an overview of film production.

The Paris Pages
The Birth of Cinema. In French.

Uruguayan Cinema
Includes information on the silent era. In Spanish.

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