Theda Bara

Theda Bara
Part of "Adina's Hollywood."

Theda Bara
A brief study of the sex symbol and censorship, inexplicably titled Theda Barr.

Theda Bara
Got a spare $250,000 laying around? Then buy Theda Bara's dress!

Theda Bara
From Bombshells Gallery, portraits of Theda.

Theda Bara Stamp
An article on the first day of issue for the Theda Bara stamp.

Theda Bara Review
A review of the Ronald Genini biography.

Theda Bara
In addition, Genini has a site on Bara himself. Takes a while to load, but a lot of photographs.

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks
A gallery of Brooks photos.

Louise Brooks
This link takes you to a list of links on Brooks, all well worth the time.

Louise Brooks
A tribute from France.

The Louise Brooks Collection
A collection of photos from the Axe Library at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg KS. Not many but still worth a look.

The Louise Brooks Gallery
And yet more photos...

The Louise Brooks Page
A brief site but very nice.

The Louise Brooks Society
The "granddaddy" of the Louise Brooks sites; Thomas Gladysz really puts his heart into the site, and it shows.

Louise Brooks: Stuff
Writings on and by LB, an LB crossword, photos, more -- very nice. Worth a visit.

Louise Brooks: The Quintessential Flapper
Mostly links to photos; unfortunately the background interferes with much of the text.

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford
An article on the life and career of the star whose career spanned decades. Unfortunately, only briefly covers her career in the silent era as a quintessential "Jazz Baby."

Joan Crawford
"Did Joan Crawford Come From San Angelo?" An article that explores the mystery behind Joan Crawford's true birthplace, and includes information on the star and her career.

Joan Crawford
Welcome to the Golden Years: Classic Movies - The Superstars. This site has comprehensive lists of links to filmographies, Web sites, articles, and more.

Joan Crawford
From Images - In Focus: Joan Crawford. Mostly a discussion of her postsilent career, but some nice photos and a good article.

Joan Crawford Heaven
News, films, links, photo galleries, fan clubs....truly Crawford heaven!

The Joan Crawford Page
Has it all -- and then some! Biography, filmography, movie reviews, posters, movie clips and sounds, and JoanWatch, a page of resources and links make this a great site for Joan fans.

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo
Welcome to the Golden Years: Classic Movies - The Superstars. This site has comprehensive lists of links to filmographies, Web sites, articles, and more.

Greta Garbo
An article written by Isabella Rosellini for the New York Times' "Heroine Worship" series.

Greta Garbo
New York Times obituary for Greta Garbo. Longest damn obit I've ever seen, but a comprehensive look at her life and career.

A Tribute to Greta Garbo
Photos, filmography, quotes, and more.

Harold Lloyd

Hello Harold!
The official site of Harold Lloyd.

American Masters: Harold Loyd
A biography and look at Lloyd's work, from the PBS series, "American Masters."

Home of Harold Lloyd
A wonderful site on one of the most popular of the silent screen comedians, Harold Lloyd. Biographer Annette D'Agostino has put together a wonderful site that thoroughly documents his life and career.

The Harold Lloyd Collection
After he retired from films, Lloyd became interested in photography, particularly 3-D photography. He also photographed a lot of stars over the years, including Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe. This site has a "Shop" page where you can ostensibly purchase photos, but it wasn't working when I visited so be forewarned.

Buster Keaton

The Damfinos
At last they have their own official website -- a definite don't-miss! Terrific features and a comprehensive biography.

Buster Keaton: The Beauty of Buster
A good essay from Jim Anderson, complete with a photo gallery.

Buster Keaton: From Butcher Boy to Scribe
Proving Buster's appeal is international, a site on Buster from England with articles, bio, more.

The Best of Buster Keaton
Download tons of images from his films.

Buster Keaton
How much do you know about "The Great Stone Face?" Take the Keaton Quiz!

Buster Keaton
A good site, complete with quotes, pictures, and QuickTime movies.

Buster Keaton
Every year, Keaton's homeplace of Iola, Kansas marks his birthday with an anniversary celebration. Coming up soon is the 5th Buster Keaton Annual Celebration.

Juha's Buster Keaton Page
Mostly links to other sites of Buster material, but still a good resource.

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