Silent Animation

Fabulous Felix the Cat
Posters, pictures, sound and video clips, and more.

Felix the Cat
A fun site of all things Felix, including a comic strip, a store, and so much more.

David Gerstein's Classic Felix the Cat Page
Everything you'd ever want to know about Felix, including history, a store, music, art…it's a great Felix resource!

Kenzo Masaoka
A fascinating look at the life and career of the Japanese animation pioneer.

Lotte Reiniger
Article and filmography on the pioneering German animator.

Veterans of the Animated Film
A brief history on the beginnings of film animation.

Silents on Video

Please note: I can make no guarantee on the quality or service of the sources listed. If I have, it is only from personal experience -- yours may vary. I list these only as a reference.

Festival Films
Featuring an assortment of silent films, largely Kino releases, this mail-order film nonetheless has culled a nice selection of silents ranging from the early days to the end of the era.

Grapevine Video
One of the best resources for silent films.

Kino International
The masters of silent film restoration. Catalog and ordering available on-line, but limited information on upcoming projects.

Milestone Films
Another one of the best resources in silent/early sound films available for purchase.

Movies Unlimited
Tons of silent films available for sale.

Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Site
Ronnie offers all kinds of cult films for sale, including a surprisingly large collection of little-known silents.

Silent Movie Studios

Silent Studio Directory
Learn About Movie Posters has put together an impressive directory of Silent Production and Distribution companies from around the world. Currently there are over 3,000 listed; I had no idea there were that many! Really informative, and a great place for researchers (or anyone interested in learning about the different studios).

Biograph Studios
This site has been majorly revamped, and what a wonderful difference! Read about the oldest film company in Hollywood - and still in business as a movie production company! The site also sells restored prints of Biograph movies.

Essanay Studios
A (sadly) brief history of Chicago's Essanay Studios from Chicago Landmarks.

Essanay Studios c.1910
A photo of the Broncho Billy Anderson set from the Encylopedia of Chicago History.

Niles Essanay Film Museum
After the studio left Chicago, it went to Niles, California. Every year the city holds a silent film celebration and still maintains a theatre dedicated to silent films.

1903 Sigmund Lubin Homepage
A discussion of how Lubin "duped," or duplicated, many of Thomas Edison's films. (Spoiler: Lubin does not come out looking too good.)

Sigmund Lubin
A brief biography of Lubin and his studio from the Norristown Preservation Society.

Hal Roach Studios
Another (sadly) brief history of the studio, from Culver City History.

Thanhouser Studios
One of the first motion picture studios, though no longer making films Thanhouser is quite active in the preservation of early silent films.

Movie Locations

An encyclopedia entry on filmmaking in Colombia. Does cover the silent era.

Ithaca-Made Movies
Between 1912-1920, several cliffhanger serials were filmed in Ithaca, NY, and this site lists them along with other information about Ithaca's movie-making history.

The Northeast Historic Film archive
You have to dig around a bit, but they do have much by way of articles about film that reach back to the silent era. Plus, their newsletter is now online.

Niles, California
The town of Niles was home to Charlie Chaplin and the Essanay Studio from l9l2 to l9l6, and they still celebrate with a festival every year. This page gives a brief history of the town, and includes a few paragraphs on the town's moviemaking business. Included is a link to the Film Museum (linked above).

Film History in Providence
A survey of early filmmaking in Rhode Island, and a surprising look at the studios that flourished in the state.

Venice, California
A thorough history of films made in Venice, CA from Jeffrey Stanton.

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