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Bright Lights Film Journal
The discontinued film journal's found new life on the Web. Now with back issues available, check out past and current articles:

Cinema Europe
An article from Movie Magazine Review discusses the Brownlow/Gill Hollywood series.

History in Color
From Fotogenia (University of Bologna) 1995 by Hannu Salmi. History In Color: Color, Spectacle and History in Epic Film is (obviously) an article on color in historical films, notably silents.

"Horror on the Silent Screen"
A short feature from HotWired that discusses Phantom of the Opera, Outside the Law, and She.

The cinema journal has put a few of its articles online. One particularly outstanding one (and definitely worth a read) is a discussion of film film disintegration (all types, not just nitrate).

Mary Pickford
Elaina B. Archer on Mary Pickford - The Lybarger Links Interview. An interview with the restorer of 6 of Mary's films for video.

Movie-Going in the 1920s
Fears about the impact of movies on youth led to the Payne Fund research project, which brought together nineteen social scientists and resulted in eleven published reports. One of the most fascinating of the studies was carried out by Herbert Blumer, a young sociologist who would later go on to a distinguished career in the field. For a volume that he called Movies and Conduct (1933), Blumer asked more than fifteen hundred high school students to write "autobiographies" of their experiences going to the movies: A young girl; a young black student; and a young immigrant Jewish boy.

Silent Film Poster
A curious story from the San Jose Mercury News: Demolition crew uncovers a rare example of silent film art.

The Digital Collegian
Article "Silent films speak to new generation of moviegoers" is a wonderful look at the rebirth of interest in the silents.

"Native Americans: The Surprising Silents"
An article on Native Americans in early films from the journal Cineaste.

Thanhouser Films: An Encyclopedia and History, 1909-1918
A lavishly illustrated review of Q. David Bowers' book on Thanhouser Studios.

Voice of the Theatre
From the Alex Film Society's newsletter, in honor of a showing of the Marx Brothers' A Night at the Opera. In an overview of "Opera on Film," this page in the series contains a good bit of info on opera on film during the silent era.

Publications & Publishers:

Classic Images
The on-line version of the film magazine has a few articles from the printed version, but back issues are fully searchable.

Film Comment
A journal of film. Order back issues, get info on the New York Film Festival, and more.

Griffithiana Home Page
Published in the U.S. by Johns Hopkins University Press, Griffithiana deals with all aspects of silent film. Not online (yet, but I can hope), but you can get information and subscription particulars from here.

The Journal of Film Preservation
The official publication of FIAF, dedicated to film preservation and preservation efforts.

Magic Image
The place to purchase the 2-in-1 book My Hollywood by Patsy Ruth Miller/The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers
This great publisher of many essential silent film/general film history books is on the Web. Order online or get yourself on their mailing list.

Projection Box
The publishers of research on pre-cinema, early film, and optical recreations takes an interesting and unusual look at the birth of film.

Scarecrow Press
Scarecrow Press is up and running. You can now order books, many on the silent era, online.

Museums and Archives Online

American Film Institute
One of the major supporters of film/silent film restoration projects. Log on and sign up to help preserve our film heritage.

American Museum of the Moving Image
At long last, the AMMI has its own home on the web. Located at the original Astoria Studios, originally the East Coast/New York home of Famous Players-Lasky (later Paramount), it's full of information, screenings, and more.

The Bill Douglas Centre for the Study of Film and Popular Culture at the University of Exeter
Much fascinating info on early film and film prototypes (panoramas, etc.). An invaluable resource for those interested in the medium's origins.

George Eastman House
The other home of one of the finest repositories of film, film history, and film preservation, Eastman House has a fine Web site that focusses on their preservation efforts.

The Library of Congress
The Library's Motion Picture Archives, one of the best in the world, has a thorough history of the birth, growth, and development of early motion pictures, with downloadable clips.

Museum of Modern Art
Home of one of the finest repositories of film, film history, and film preservation, this site offers a peek into their vaults and the story of how they got there.

Museum of the Moving Image
A division of the British Film Museum, devoted to promoting knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of the culture of the moving image.

National Film & Sound Archive
The Australian archive, dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to Australia's audio-visual heritage. Australia's output of silent films is available for purchase, on US formats.

The National Film Registry
A year-by-year listing of films designated for archival due to their relevance and importance to American culture.

Society for Cinema Studies
The Society for Cinema Studies is a professional organization composed of college and university educators, filmmakers, historians, critics, scholars, and others concerned with the study of the moving image.

UCLA Film and Television Archive
Home of the famous film school, this archive is one of the more extensive in the U.S.

Books & Memorabilia

A site chock-full of images. A lot of newer stars, but a surprising amount of silent stars, as well. I've linked to the beginning of the alph by name list; the lists are organized by the star's FIRST name.

The Forum Online Antique Mall
This link is to the main entertainment ephemera page. Scroll down to the "Theatre and Film Memorabilia" section to locate links to early film history items up for sale.

Franklyn Cards
A premier cigarette card site. Where acting like a piece of board is an advantage.

Jack's Autograph Page
Jack's got an enviable collection of autographs, with quite a few from stars of the silent era. A fun site to visit.

Maine Antique Digest
If you're a collector of movie posters, this is an informative article chronicling the prices netted at Cinevent 96 for movie sheets.

Movie Card Website
Purchase vintage (1920-1960) cigarette and other trading movie cards here.

Walt has a lot of old postcards available for sale, many of silent stars, their homes, or scenes from old Hollywood. This site is part of a postcard web ring.

Safka & Bareis
Specializing in movie and theatre autographs.

Silent Cinema
A great place for collectibles, original movie posters, lobby cards, more.

Things and Other Stuff
Not only are there collectibles for sale, but a large collection of articles on stars, many from the silent era.

Vitaphone Video
Early Talkies and Late Silents (1920-1933) Trading Page, a place to trade movies.

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