Miscellaneous Sites

Buck Parvin and the Movies
An unusual site. This site contains two stories, fictionalized depictions of the birth of Hollywood by a writer named Charles E. Van Loan. In 1915-16, he published a series of stories about early filmmaking called "Buck Parvin and the Movies." These, in turn, were soon brought to the screen themselves. Although they are fiction, they are closely based on actual incidents and individuals associated with the Selig Company. This website reprints two of these stories, "The Extra Man and the Milkfed Lion" and "Author! Author!" with commentary by the well-known film historian Bob Birchard. Most fascinating of all is the inclusion of extensive notes by Hobart Bosworth in 1943, towards the end of his life. For the benefit of a librarian, Bosworth, a close friend of Van Loan, added an introduction about the Selig Company and annotated the stories throughout, detailing the factual basis for specific details and characters in the stories.

CMG Worldwide
The talent agency that represents Gish, Josephine Baker and Jean Harlow. The link above is to their Client Index of stars they still represent with links to their official site.

Crime and Passion: The William Desmond Taylor Murder Case
A retelling of the WDT murder case from Minx, the Magazine.

A&E's Biography
This is the place to order DVDs of A&E's biographies on Keaton, Valentino, Chaplin, and others.

Learn About Movie Posters
This is pretty cool. LAMP has a section dedicated exclusively to silents. There's a long list of movie posters, lobby cards, etc., with many images available and many of them available to purchase. Fun!

Mega Sites

Mega sites are sites that contain information on more than one star and more than one topic. Interesting and enjoyable, you could literally spend hours there. Enjoy!

Adina's Hollywood
Adina has a ton of wonderful information, including (but not limited to) sites on Theda Bara, Hollywood History, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Mary Pickford, Eleanor Boardman, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Tragic Stars, Clara Bow, Joan Crawford, Barbara LaMarr, and (believe it or not!) even more!

Mug Shots
A tribute to the Lloyd Hamiltons, Charley Bowers', Lupino Lanes, and Monty Banks' of the silent and early sound eras.

Notable Personalities of the Silent Era
Part of a larger site on other topics, these are nonetheless well-written biographies of, well, Notable Personalities of the Silent Era, including William S. Hart, George Melies, Nazimova, Fritz Lang, Lotte Reininger, Maurice Tourneur, Henry B. Walthall, Lois Weber, and others.

Unsung Divas of the Silent Screen
Greta DeGroat's mega site of silent actresses that are still big (it's the pictures that got small).

The Twenties

Jazz Age Culture, Part I:
Another page with tons of links on the culture, fashions, sounds and more of the '20s.

The Jazz Age Page
I love the 20s and everything associated with them. This page is like a step back in time, covering politics, fashion, music, and more.

The Media History Project: Television in the '20s
Don McLean (no relation) is working on restoring television images from the 1920s.

The University of South Carolina's F. Scott Fitzgerald Page
USC has a wonderful site on FSF. Even if you're not a fan of the man's writings, it's a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of the man who defined "The Roaring Twenties."

Hooray for Hollywood!

Hollywood Animation Tour
Another tour of LA, this one with an eye towards animation studios, etc.

Hollywood Center Studios
Hollywood Center Studios have been in steady operation since 1919. Take a tour and get the history of films made on their lots.

Hollywood Studio Tour
Take a present-day tour of Hollywood that focuses on studios and landmarks from the silent era and up. While the perception is that most of old Hollywood has been torn down -- and it has -- an amazing amount is still left standing. A terrific site.

Seeing Stars: A Hollywood Tour
Take a virtual tour of Hollywood! Just about any place you could imagine...

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