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General Theatre:

Cinema Treasures
The Movie Palace Locator may be gone, but Cinema Treasures more than admirably fills the void. A complete database of movie palaces around the country, along with new, updates, demolition alerts...everything you could ever want to know about these fabulous showplaces.

World Theatres
This site is a real treasure trove for other theatre lovers. It contains information on theatres, not only current or renovated, but those that have been abandoned or demolished over time. In addition there's seating (where known), major plays presented (where known,) years built (where known), and more.

Kilduff's Movie Theatre Index Survey
This site documents the status of movie theatres in Maryland during the period 1900 - 1950, and the fate of those buildings to this day.

Sites on specific theatres:

The preservation movement seems to have been gaining ground these last few years. The "tear it down" mentality of many communities in the '50s, '60s, and '70s has given way to a renewed sense of history, of time and place. Many communities have restored and revived the old Theatres and Houses that once defined an evening's entertainment, and proudly display them on the Web for others to enjoy. As a dedicated preservationist and silent film fan, I'm happy to list the theatres I find that may or may not be on The Movie Palace Locator. The interiors of these places still fills one with a sense of awe, evoking romantic dreams of a time when movie-going was an event...

The Alex Theatre
This gorgeous theatre, in L.A.'s Glendale area, is part of a neighborhood renaissance.

Cedarville Opera House
Another restored opera/vaudeville/movie house located in Cedarville, OH.

The Curtis Organ
This gorgeous organ at Irvine Auditorium at the University of PA was built for the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. All kinds of information on the organ, the company that built it, performances, and more are available.

Detroit's Michigan Theatre
Includes many beautiful photos of the 1926 movie palace. Takes a while to download, but well worth it.

Earlville Opera House
This restored Opera House was also a vaudeville and silent movie house.

The Egyptian Theatre
Now the home of the American Cinematheque, this classic 1922 movie palace was restored and re-premiered with DeMille's King of Kings.

The Majestic Theatre
Located in Pomona, Australia, this newly-restored theatre is devoted exclusively to the showing of silents.

The Music Box Theatre
Originally built as a "little brother" to some of the larger Chicago palaces, this theatre was rescued from oblivion and once again is an active theatre.

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
Read all about the restoration of this old NY concert hall. (Not a movie theatre, but it's nice to see an old place renovated.)

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