The Stars

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
A wonderful site, full of photos, articles, a filmography, and more on the original King of Comedy.

John Barrymore
This site from Michael A. Morrison, author of a book on Barrymore, includes an audio clip, a biography, photos, and muchmore.

Eleanor Boardman
Part of "Adina's Hollywood," done to commemorate the occasion of her 100th birthday.

Clara Bow
Clara is finally getting the recognition she deserves! William Cramer's site is dedicated to one of my favorite silent stars. Keep checking in as the site continues to grow.

Yakima Canutt
A page on Yakima from The Old Corral.

Lon Chaney
Jon Mirsalis' excellent site devoted to The Man of A Thousand Faces.

Charley Chase
An in-depth biography page of the great, but sadly forgotten, comedian.

Virginia Lee Corbin
Part of the Silents are Golden site, this is a tribute to the long-forgotten silent star.

Dolores Costello
A tribute to a silent screen beauty and longtime star. With photos, filmography, and more.

Karl Dane
Long-forgotten, many, if they know Dane at all, are more familiar with his sad end than his meteoric film career. This fine site aims to reacquaint modern audiences with this interesting star. Note: The webmaster is also author of a new bio on Dane; it is available in the Store.

Karl Dane
A blog dedicated not just to the actor but to his genealogy – an interesting twist!

Marion Davies
I almost thought we lost this site! New address but same great material. Nick Langdon's site on Marion Davies is a loving tribute to this warm, funny, and generous woman.

The Julian Eltinge Project
The Web site for "The Julian Eltinge Project: A Documentary." Complete with biography, list of appearances, and how the project came to be.

About Julian Eltinge
A biography page with lots of photos from Julian's Piano Bar, a place named in honor of Mr. (Ms.?) Eltinge.

Lillian Gish
The official site of Lillian Gish, from CMG Worldwide. It also has links to other Lillian Gish tribute pages.

William S. Hart Ranch and Museum
Hart's home is now a museum, open to the public. Mostly information on the ranch, some biograph<br>

Friends of William S. Hart
A web site closely affiliated with the Ranch and Museum, includes a newsletter, filmography, and biography.

Gareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes was Wales' first silent film star. This site includes a biography, filmography, and more.

Edgar Kennedy
A Mack Sennett vet (he was one of the original Keystone Kops), Kennedy appeared in over 500 films. This site is part of the Laurel and Hardy "Sons of the Desert: Way Out West Tent" page. Includes a page on fellow L&H performer James Finlayson as well as a great deal of info on L&H.

Harry Langdon
Part of David Pearson's excellent site, a tribute to the baby-faced comic.

Laura LaPlante
An article on Laura La Plante, "The Original Scream Queen."

Read her New York Times obituary, which (while sad) provides an exhaustive biography, with many interesting items about her youth and post-film life.

Max Linder
A Film Scouts article and review of "Discovering Max Linder" from the 1995 New York Film Festival.

Max Linder
A lovely tribute to Linder, with biography and stills.

Max Linder
It's nice to see Linder get the recognition he deserves. This site is from Germany, but some parts are available in English. Filmography, biography, articles and more.

Mary Miles Minter
A site devoted to all things MMM. Includes interactive MMM dolls, games, and more.

Tom Mix
A page from Roadside America, with pictures, links, etc. on Tom, including the very spot where "the suitcase did its evil work."

Tom Mix
A page on Tom with biography, still from The Old Corral.

The Colleen Moore Project
A really thorough site on Colleen. The Webmaster, Jeff Codori, is currently working on a biography of Colleen due sometime in 2011. He also includes quite a few links on Colleen, so be sure to visit.

Pola Negri
She finally gets her own site! David Gasten's site is brand new, and worth watching.

Looking for Mabel Normand
Created by Marilyn Slater, who is an extensive researcher and archiver of all things Mabel Normand, the site includes photos, a store, articles, and other silent era information.

Anita Page
A biography of the 1997 recipient of the Living Legacy Award from The Women's International Center.

Mary Pickford - America's Sweetheart
Welcome to the "Pickwhere" Shrine. Includes a biography, filmography, and a MIDI file.

Edna Purviance, Nevada's Forgotten Movie Star
An in-depth biography of Chaplin's leading lady and Nevada native.

Arf! Arf arf arf... grrrr..arf!

The Will Rogers Home Page
Lavishly illustrated, this site covers his career in detail, and includes books, movies, radio shows, and CD-ROMs available for purchase.

Ruan Ling-yu
A site dedicated to this beautiful Chinese actress who died young, but left a haunting film image.

Ruan Ling-yu, Tragic Goddess
An article from the China Daily.

Ruan Ling-yu
A biography and really thorough filmography (with stills) from The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennal of Contemporary Art.

The Larry Semon Research Project
This site is dedicated to the early comic, star of the early Wizard of Oz films.

Norma Shearer
Norma's page, a biography and discussion of her film career, is part of the Well-Known Canadians site. A too-brief but interesting site.

Shearer Sophistication
A nicely done tribute to Norma Shearer, chock-full of photos, biographical and film information.

Nell Shipman
Dedicated to the great pioneer woman star, producer, director and writer, Nell Shipman.

Nell Shipman
Groundbreaking Nell Shipman lived in a gorgeous Victorian in Glendale, CA, bought for her very British parents who adored that style of architecture. Take a virtual tour of the home, since restored by the Glendale Preservation Society.

Nell Shipman
An extensive gallery of photos of Nell Shipman, with postcards, books, and videos available for purchase.

Glorious Gloria Swanson
Some fun and interesting information on Swanson, including quotes, photos, a biography, and more.

Gloria Swanson: An Inventory of Her Papers at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Surprisingly, I'm including this here as it has a biographical sketch as well as a chronology of her life. The rest is a list of the contents of the collection, which in itself is just as interesting.

Gloria Swanson: The Mike Wallace Interview
Also part of the Ransom collection, this is a transcript of her 1957 interview with Mike Wallace. Very interesting!

Norma Talmadge
Many thanks to Greta for a nice site devoted to one of the biggest stars of the silent era.

Lilyan Tashman
A page on beautiful Lilyan from Steve Starr, as part of his film entertainment site.

Lilyan Tashman
Tons of photos of Lilyan.

Rudolph Valentino
Lots and lots of information on Rudy, including photos and entries from his personal diary. A wonderful tribute to Valentino.

The Official Conrad Veidt Society Homepage
A complete and thorough look at the life of Conrad Veidt, including a chronicle of his fight against hatred and intolerance. The site contains a filmography, reference materials, and much, much more, as well as information on becoming a member of the Society and its newsletter.

Anna May Wong
One of the first Oriental actors to make a name in Hollywood, this beautiful actress of silents and talkies has a small site dedicated to her.

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