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Denny Jackson's Actresses Page
Denny has an extensive site with quite a few silent stars: Bow, Bara, Pickford, Minter, Brooks, and many, many more. Includes a brief bio and lots of pictures.

Hollywood Silents
Photos and bios of Mabel, Theda, Bill Hart, Chaplin, and more. The background shot of Steichen's famed Gloria Swanson portrait is worth visiting alone.

Special Ladies
Devoted to Olive Thomas, Barbara LaMarr, Clara Bow, and Thelma Todd.

ShillPages: Actresses
Loads of photos. Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Virginia Bruce, Myrna Loy, Colleen Moore, and Anna May Wong have their own page; a selection of photos for Joan Crawford, Mary Philbin, Mae Murray, Lillian Gish, Lila Lee, and Madge Bellamy can be found on the Actresses page.

Silent Ladies & Gents
A definite "don't miss" site. David's collection of photos and stills keeps growing, and continues to amaze.

They Started in Silents

The Tallulah Bankhead Gallery
A wonderful tribute to a true original, with a breezy, funny biography and photos and quotes from the one and only Tallu.

1966 Batman TV Villians - Tallulah Bankhead
Tallulah was "The Black Widow" on the camp '60s TV show, and while dedicated primarily to her work on the show this site has a lot of photos of Tallulah during the various stages of her life and some of her other work. Not to be missed are some of her more classic quotes!

William Boyd
Bill Boyd, who gained greater fame as Hopalong Cassidy, was actually a prolific silent film actor. This site, from a Boyd family genealogy site, has an extensive biography of the star along with a link to a Hopalong Cassidy Festival and Fan Club.

Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society
Eddie Cantor, the great star of the Follies who starred in the film version of his hit "Kid Boots" with rising young star Clara Bow.

The Gary Cooper Home Page
The original man's actor, this page covers his career in great detail but mostly focusses on his talkie films.

The Gary Cooper Page
This site opens with a gorgeous photo of one of the handsomest men in Hollywood. Includes a biography and many JPEGs.

The Official W.C. Fields Fan club
Join the fan club, buy memorabilia, view pictures and more at this loving tribute to our favorite curmudgeon.

The Platinum Page: Jean Harlow
Lisa's got a new location and a new look for The Platinum Page, and it's just terrific! A beautifully done tribute to a beautiful lady.

The Pit: Boris Karloff
The other master of horror. A lot of .wav files, perfect for Halloween.

Laurel and Hardy Central
I really like this site: It has a lot of information on their silent efforts (complete with thoughtful critiques), has a "Hal Roach Wing," and more. Lots of fun, and a "must" visit.

Carole Lombard
Hollywood, the Golden Years - Carole Lombard. With photos, links, biography, and more.

Carole Lombard
An extensive biography of Lombard, lavishly illustrated.

Carole Lombard
Incomplete but includes some useful links.

Myrna Loy
She played many different types of characters in the silent era, but she's remembered best for being "Mrs. Charles". This site takes a look at Loy's life and career, complete with photos.

Myrna Loy
A beautifully done site on all things Myrna, including trivia, a biography, filmography, quotes, and more. A "must" visit.

Bela Lugosi
The official site of Lugosi. Includes a biography, interviews, quotes, timeline, trivia, and more.

The WebWorld of Bela Lugosi
Devoted to Lugosi and the horror genre. The site includes a biographical sketch, poems written by Lugosi, a trivia quiz, and lots of links. You can also sign up for an e-newsletter full of news and information on Lugosi, Dracula, and Hollywood.

Warner Oland
A page on Oland from The Charlie Chan Page.

Warner Oland by Susan M. Kelly
A really nice page on Oland. Includes a YouTube clip.

The Warner Oland Academy
Dedicated to the memory of the Swedish actor and early Charlie Chan, the Academy is working to have a tribute to Oland created in his native Sweden.

Tyrone Power, King of 20th Century Fox
An unofficial site dedicated to all things Power. It doesn't much acknowledge his time during the silent years, but still, has quite a bit on the actor so still well worth a visit.

The Thelma Todd Society
It's about time she got her own site. Still a work in progress, however. Also, be forewarned: You get a pop-up every time you click a link.

The Mysterious Death of Thelma Todd
A brief review of the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death. Still, if you're not familiar, not a bad place to start.

Cult Sirens: Fay Wray
"So, who is really the greatest Screen Queen of all time?" Why, Fay Wray, of course! Nice tribute/biography page.

FanPix: Fay Wray
A lot — and I mean, a lot — photos of the early film beauty. Don't miss this one.

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