The Incidental Tourist

The Incidental Tourist page is a list of links that, while not specifically on the silent era or silent films, nonetheless contain a nugget or two of interesting information.

The American Motion Picture Association
This is the official site of AMPAS, givers of the annual Oscars. While the site doesn't have a whole lot of info on the silent era, it does have information on history and preservation projects.

A 1995 paper by Paul Henry discussing "the media climate surrounding the Arbuckle-Rappe incident and depict[s] the reaction of the news organs of the day." Balanced in its treatment of the tragedy, it's a fascinating study of the relationship between Hollywood and the press.

Classic Movies
Brad Lang's Classic Movies page has many, many links and, although skewed more towards film in general, contains links of interest to movie fans.

Helen Keller's Photograph Album
This is a site on HK, but of interest is a selection of photos from her photo album. Included here are photos of Helen with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, and another of her with Charlie Chaplin. UPDATE: They've since broken up the album, with each photo on a different page. The header links takes you to the photo of Helen with Mary and Doug. I couldn't find the photo with Chaplin, but the index is here.

The Hollywood Photography of George Hurrell
Find out more about the quintessential Hollywood photographer. Also available for sale are posters, books, and a film on this amazing photographer.

The Murals of Pine Bluff, Arkansas
The Murals on Main project was launched in 1992 by Pine Bluff Downtown Development, Inc., a non-profit organization with the goal of revitalizing downtown. The murals have helped beautify the area by converting some walls on buildings from eyesores to works of art. Nine murals have been completed so far, and 13 more are planned for a total of 22. The mural listed here is dedicated to Broncho Billy Anderson. UPDATE: Warning! The site plays music. Just thought you ought to know.

You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet
Chapter 1 (in its entirety) of Andrew Sarris' book You Aint Heard Nothin' Yet, The American Talking Film: History and Memory 1927-1949. Discusses the early years and formation of the major studios and how they were (or weren't) positioned for the coming of sound.

Sunset Boulevard

This is one of my favorite movies. I marvel at Swanson, von Stroheim, the story, the poker game scene, the mansion... you get the idea. What really haunts me is its portrayal of the prevailing opinion in the 1950s regarding the silent era -- and those associated with it -- as relics from a ridiculous era.

Sunset Boulevard: The Story
This is from Andrew Lloyd Weber's production company, so it's a little light on the movie version, but still interesting.

Norma Desmond: Auto/Biographer, An Intertextual Study
Most fascinating. This is a study of Norma Desmond vis-a-vis her obsession to play Salome, written by Dr. Robert S. Quinn, as course material for a Communication Arts class at the University of Wisconsin - Marathon County Campus.

Sunset Boulevard
Boxoffice Magazine review of Sunset Boulevard.

Sunset Boulevard - The Movie Web Site
This great site has all kinds of information on the cast, the production, and more. With detailed bios of Swanson and von Stroheim.

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