Bukowski's Gallery presents

RE:VAMP -Sirens of the Silent Screen:
New Paintings by PopTart - Nicole Steen

They had faces then…

From the earliest days of cinema the silent screen actresses have enthralled the public. Movies such as "Cleopatra" and "Pandora's Box" provide testament to the power of the silent cinema to transfix our attention upon the faces of the stars. With wild-eyed stares and bee-stung lips they filled the screen with their vampish poses and come hither looks. These women became icons in black and white, overpowering the screen with their vivacious visages and remarkable sensuality.

In keeping with the "strictly female pop culture art" mantra, Nicole Steen -one half of local artist/curating duo "The PopTarts" - introduces a new series of monochrome paintings of stark portraits of sirens of the silent screen. Featuring well known vamps Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich,Anna May Wong, Jean Harlow, Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson, Pola Negri, Mae Murray, Clara Bow, Nita Naldi, Josephine Baker, Louise Brooks and more!

"Still wonderful isn't it? And no dialog. We didn't have dialog. We had faces."
-- Norma Desmond to Joe Gillis in "Sunset Boulevard"

RE: VAMP - Sirens of the Silent Screen
Runs May 18-June 8
Bukowski's-1447 Commercial Dr.

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