The Audience Speaks Its Mind
Photoplay Magazine, 1931

"I have never been an admirer of Marion Davies until I saw her in The Bachelor Father, but in this enjoyable picture, Marion’s charm completely won me over."
Clydeon Mote
Los Angeles, Calif.

"Billie Dove, though exceedingly beautiful, can’t act worth a cent. She just looks pretty while her supporting cast does all the acting."
Selma Wells
Council Bluffs, Iowa

"Joan Crawford has all the dignity, brains, sophistication, poise and charm which go to make up our ideal for the modern woman."
Lydia Bennett
Minneapolis, Minn.

"Cimarron is to the talkies what The Birth of A Nation was to the silent screen."
F.C. Powell
Los Angeles, Calif.

"We Gilbert fans are waiting for ‘The John Gilbert Special’ to pull in. We cannot forget Jack’s charming manners and splendid acting of former days."
Alice Henle
Indianapolis, Ind.

"To see Greta mother poor little Robert Montgomery in Inspiration was indeed a pathetic sight."
Paul S. Dial
Covington, Va.

"Why don’t we see more of Lily Damita? I think she’s swell!"
John Finberg
Akron, Ohio

"I hope this Garbo-Dietrich war is soon quieted down. Neither of them can compare to Clara Bow and Joan Crawford."
Joan Joyce
Buffalo, N.Y.

"If you were to take a vote on the stars that give you most laughs for your money, you would find out that Joe E. Brown and Winnie Lightner would be far ahead of everyone."
R.W. Magee
Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Give us something new and interesting in the talkies – and not a lot of made-over silent pictures."
E.P. Arnot
Exeter, Neb.

"Thank goodness there’s somebody who’ll stand up and speak his mind regarding Clara Bow. We are fed up with her; I have been for the past two years. After each escapade the magazines usually dash to her rescue with some sob story. She’s had enough of this sympathy stuff."
Miss Bille R. Davis

"That article in the March PHOTOPLAY about Clara Bow seems to me to be going just a bit too far. I only know about a hundred thousand people who are NOT fed up with Clara. I attended her trial and anyone could see that she’s just a big-hearted kid."
R.E. La Mon

"I have a feeling that Marlene Dietrich is being directed to death. Dishonored was so far-fetched and elaborate a story, it was hard to tell if Miss Dietrich could act or not. But the, she’s so good to hear and see, what’s the difference? If her director would pay more attention to story and less to directing, we might get a chance to find out."
New York City

"I have just seen a real star make a superb picture out of mediocre material – Charlie Chaplin in City Lights. The audience howled with laughter at his antics and wept softly as he picture drew to a close, showing the pathos of the little figure Chaplin has so realistically created."
Dorothy Raifer
Philadelphia, Penna.

"Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights bears the imprint of the highest technical and artistic skill, but the stamp of genius is most certainly lacking. We felt entitled to something greater considering the time and effort Chaplin spent on this picture."
Santa Monica, Calif.

"Inspiration as a picture, was a flop. But Garbo! Just another triumph for this great lady. For who but the glorious Garbo could carry such a bad production and put it over?"
Leona Andrews
LaFayette, Ind.

"Oh, Mary, Mary! You’ve let us down badly. Kiki is not your type of part. You did your best to be convincing, but we just can’t accept you in this one. Bring us back some of the sweetness that we’ve come to expect from you. Make another Coquette.
Olga Larsen
St. Paul, Minn.

"Welcome a new Mary Pickford! I didn’t think you could do it, Mary. You were just too cute for words in Kiki. And that French accent! More, please."
Betty James
Long Branch, N.J

"Garbo, carries us away from our modern, humdrum existence to a dream world. She expresses all the hopes, dreams and poetic longings we are unable to express ourselves.
‘There is no one beside thee,
And no one above thee,
Thou standest alone
As the nightingale sings.’"
Thelma Holland
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Dietrich is superior to Garbo in everything. She has twice the looks, twice the acting ability and an utterly charming talking and singing voice that Garbo can never aspire to."
Betty Ferguson
Brooklyn, N.Y.

"After seeing the glorious youthful roundness of Anita Page’s figure in Reducing, I decided then and there to be done with this dieting. May the movies give us more of these glowing specimens of girlhood!"
Ruth Colvin
West Hollywood, Calif.

[I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that one! – Kally]

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