Block One: 6925 Hollywood Boulevard  
Harry Langdon Comedian
Creighton Hale Actor
Greta Garbo Actor
Joel McCrae Actor
Block Two: 6800 Hollywood Boulevard
Mabel Normand Comedian
Alice Calhoun Actor
Bobbie Vernon Comedian
Louise Fazenda Actor
Edward Sedgwick Director
Olive Borden Actor
Ernest Torrence Actor
Block Three: 6777 Hollywood Boulevard
Bessie Love Actor
Al Christie Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Katherine Macdonald Actor, Producer
Joseph Schenck Producer
Richard Barthelmess Actor
Richard Arlen Actor
Ken Maynard Actor
Charlie Chaplin Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Block Four: 6743 Hollywood Boulevard
King Vidor Director
Thomas Ince Producer, Director
Owen Moore Actor
Aileen Pringle Actor
Oscar Micheaux Writer, Director, Producer
Nils Asther Actor
Roscoe Arbuckle Comedian
Mary Astor Actor
Block Five: 6689 Hollywood Boulevard
Myrna Loy Actor
Flora Finch Comedian
Harrison Ford Actor
Antonio Moreno Actor
Block Six: 6633 Hollywood Boulevard
Dustin Farnum Actor
J.M. Kerrigan Actor
Buster Keaton Comedian
Wallace Reid Actor
George Fitzmaurice Actor
Block Seven: 6565 Hollywood Boulevard
Jack Warner Producer
Viola Dana Actor
William Fox Producer
D.W. Griffith Film Pioneer, Director

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