"In Answer to Your Question" was a question-and-answer column in Picture Progress magazine. These questions are from the November, 1916 column. The cover is a drawing of Mae Murray, by James Montgomery Flagg.

In Answer to Your Question
Conducted by Edith E. Caldwell

The Query Editor would like to see some of those who have been corresponding with her. Write a letter telling her how much the information you receive through the Query Page helps you in becoming acquainted with the players you see on the screen -- and send her your photograph, if you have one to spare. We cannot promise to return these to you. As far as possible we will print in Picture Progress such letters and photographs as we consider of especial interest. All letters should be in before December 1, 1916.

To the Query Editor: Will Geraldine Farrar and her husband Lou Tellegen appear together in any production?

Answer: They have never yet appeared in the same production, though both have been at work in the Lasky studio in Hollywood all summer. Lou Tellegen will be seen in "The Victory of Conscience" in which Cleo Ridgely plays the feminine lead.

To the Query Editor: How many years ago was "The Old Homestead" taken, and who took the parts of Reuben and Ruth?

Answer: The screen version of this production was taken during this year, although for 30 years Denman Thompson appeared in it on the stage, as Josh Whitcomb. Creighton Hale took the part of Reuben and Louise Huff, that of Ruth, his little country sweetheart. Louise Huff closely resembles Mary Pickford and is often taken for her on the screen.

Lenore Ulrich recently appeared in "The Conflict" as a half-breed daughter of a wealthy white man. A complete Indian village was built on the shore of the mountain lake in the San Bernadinos in California, and a band of Indians appeared in various scenes.

To the Query Editor: Did Thomas Meighan have any stage experience before going into motion pictures?

Answer: With Henrietta Crosman, Grace George, William Collier, etc. He has appeared in the productions of the Lasky Company for the past two years. He is married to Julia King.

Peg 'o My Heart has never been produced on the screen.

The sedan chair used by Mae Murray in "Sweet Kitty Bellairs" is an exact replica of the one designed by Jean Berain, for the noted beauty Georgiann, Dutchess of Devonshire.

To the Query Editor: Who played the parts of Maria Rosa's brother and his wife in "Maria Rosa?"

Answer: Ernest Joy and Anita King. Ernest Joy has also appeared in "The Sowers" and "The Dupe" with Blanche Sweet. He is not a star.

Famous Players and Lasky productions are released through the Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Lina Cavalieri, the Italian singer, has appeared in "The Shadows of Her Past." Her husband, Lucien Muratore, of the Paris Grand Opera, also appears with her.

Vivian Martin is seen for the first time as a Morosco star in "The Stronger Love," a story of love and mountain feuds.

The story of "The House of the Golden Windows" is a study in envy, happiness and the emptiness of wealth, for its own sake. It is introduced by a bit of allegory illustrating the old fairy tale of the children who struggled up the hill to the great mansion with golden windows, only to find that it was a ramshackle cabin with the sun shining on the windows – and that their own cabin in the valley was much more to be preferred.

To the Query Editor: Have you space enough in Picture Progress to answer a question or two for me? What is Mary Pickford's address – also Theda Bara's? Do you think either of these would answer a personal letter?

Answer: Yes indeed – and to spare – Mary Pickford can be addressed care of Famous Players Film Co., 130 West 56th Street, New York City. She endeavors to reply to as many letters as possible, but if she answered them all, there would never be any Mary Pickford pictures. Theda Bara is with the Fox Film Co., 126 West 46th Street. We do not know Miss Bara's policy in regard to answering letters.

To the Query Editor: Will you kindly advise me the names of the Author, Director, and cast in Bosworth's "The Pursuit of the Phantom?"

Answer: This photoplay was written by Hobart Bosworth, directed by him, and the leading part played by him – supported by Rhea Haines, Helen Wolcott, Courtney Foote, H. J. Flynn, and Myrtle Stedman. It was photographed in California and is noted for its exceptional photography and double exposure work.

To the Query Editor: Will you please tell us who was the leading man with Mary Pickford in "A Girl of Yesterday?" He also played in "Mice and Men" with Marguerite Clark. Can you give me his address, also that of John Bowers who played lead with Little Mary in "Hulda from Holland?"

Answer: Marshall Neilan. He and John Bowers can both be addressed care of the Famous Players Film Co., 130 West 56th Street, New York City.

To the Query Editor: Tell me Mae Murray's home address, and the plays in which she has appeared? (b) What does she like to do best?

Answer: An actress seldom has a permanent address – New York and Hollywood, California, have both been Miss Murray's addresses for the past year. "To Have and To Hold," "Sweet Kitty Bellairs," "The Dream Girl," "The Big Sister" are the productions she has appeared in on the screen. (b) Dance.

To the Query Editor: Let me know if Henry Walthall plays with Lasky, and if not, could you tell me where?

Answer: He is not with the Lasky Company – he is with Essanay.

To the Query Editor: Who took the part of Mark Embury in "Mice and Men," and will you print that old saying on "Mice and Men?"

Answer: Charles Waldron.

The best laid plans o' mice and men
Gang aft agley,
And leave us naught but grief and pain
For promised joy.

To the Query Editor: Has Thomas Meighan a son who has appeared in several late pictures with him and Blanche Sweet?

Answer: Thomas Meighan is married but we do not know that he has a son. There were a number of court attendants in "The Sowers" – probably one of them resembled Thomas Meighan.

To the Query Editor: Who was the little boy who took the part of Yacob in "Hulda from Holland" and how old is he?

Answer: Harral Hollacher. He is three years old, and is a full blooded son of Holland.

To the Query Editor: As I have learned a great deal from the Query Editor, I would like to ask a few questions. What is Joyce Fair's address, and how tall is she – is she a noted star? Who was the leading man in "Mice and Men?" Is Marguerite Clark married?

Answer: We are glad the page is serving the purpose for which it is intended; Joy Fair is with the Essanay Company, Chicago, Ill. and is one of their well known and popular players. She is five feet, two inches tall. Marshall Neilan. Marguerite Clark is not married.

To the Query Editor: (a) Is Cleo Ridgely married? (b) Who was the principal girl in "The Gentleman from Indiana?" (c) What other pictures has Mahlon Hamilton appeared in besides "Mollie-Make-Believe?" (d) Who was the leading man with Marguerite Clark in "The Pretty Sister of Jose" and "Gretna Green"; (e) Who was the man acting as brother of Harold Lockwood in "Wildflower?"

Answer: (a) Yes. (b) Winnifred Kingston. (c) This was his first appearance on the Paramount program. (d) Rupert Julien; G.A. Stillwell. (e) James Cooley.

To the Query Editor: How old is the little fellow who played as Wallace Reid's son in "The House of the Golden Windows?" I think he was delightful.

Answer: Billy Jacobs, played "Billy" – he is six years old, and now well on the road toward success as a popular screen favorite.

To the Query Editor: What part did Pauline Frederick play in "The Woman in the Case?" Is this an original scenario or was it produced on the stage?

Answer: Pauline Frederick played the part of the faithful wife, Margaret Hughes. This play had a successful run on the stage as one of Clyde Fitch's productions.

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