A Very Brief and Not So Thorough History of Animation in the Silent Era (1906 - 1930)


  • J. Stuart Blackton's Humorous Phases of Funny Faces


  • Emil Cohl's Fantasmagoric



  • McCay's second film, The Story of a Mosquito, released


  • First (limited) animation comic strips appear as supplement in newsreels: The Newlyweds, Mutt and Jeff, Colonel Heeza Liar
  • J.R. Bray's earliest films released


  • McCay introduces Gertie the Dinosaur to vaudeville audiences.
  • J.R. Bray and Earl Hurd apply for patents to simplify cartoon production techniques by using cels.


  • Krazy Kat series begins in Hearst Vitagraph News Pictorial
  • J.R. Bray produces Paul Terry's Farmer Al Falfa cartoons
  • The Katzenjammer Kids series begins


  • First Max Fleischer rotoscope experiments released
  • Winsor McCay's Sinking of the Lusitania released


  • First Max Fleischer Out of the Inkwell cartoons, with KoKo the Clown, released
  • First appearance of Felix the Cat in Feline Follies


  • Van Beuren's Aesop's Film Fables begin, with Paul Terry and John Foster as directors


  • Walt Disney's Alice comedies begin


  • Max Fleischer releases experimental sound Song Cartoons and begins series of Bouncing Ball cartoons for Bray


  • Adventures of Prince Achmed is first animated feature, by Lotte Reiniger, produced in Germany


  • Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series debuts


  • Disney and Ub Iwerks create first three Mickey Mouse cartoons: Plane Crazy, The Gallopin' Gaucho, and Steamboat Willie


  • First Silly Symphonies cartoon, The Skeleton Dance, released


  • Leon Schlesinger produces first Looney Tune, Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising's Sinkin' in the Bathtub, starring Bosko
  • Fleischer's Betty boop appears in Dizzy Dishes and Barnacle Bill
  • First Technicolor cartoon sequence by Walter Lantz in King of Jazz

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