Silent Era Facts

The Price of the Picture: Directors' Salaries:
From a confidential 1926 memo to Carl Laemmle from producer Paul Kohner.

Clarence Badger 1,500 weekly
William Beaudine 1,750 weekly
Monta Bell 25,000 per picture
Frank Borzage 1,500 weekly
Tod Browning 1,500 weekly
Christy Cabanne 1,000 weekly
James Cruze 50,000 per picture
Alan Dwan 50,000 per picture
George Fitzmaurice 50,000 per picture
Victor Fleming 1,500 weekly
John Ford 1,750 weekly
Edmund Goulding 1,500 weekly
Robert Z. Leonard 20,000 per picture
Ernst Lubitsch 175,000 per picture
Mickey Neilan 35,000 per picture
Fred Niblo 2,500 weekly
Victor Seastrom 2,500 weekly
Malcolm St. Clair 2,000 weekly
King Vidor 40,000 per picture
Erich von Stroheim 100,000 per picture
Raoul Walsh 1,500 weekly

Source:An Evening's Entertainment: The Age of the Silent Feature Picture, 1915-1928, by Richard Koszarski

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